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Dental Cleaning
Lakeland, FL

 Man receiving dental cleaning from dental hygienistPerhaps the most basic and fundamental aspect of good dental hygiene (besides a consistent home care routine of proper brushing, flossing and rinsing) comes in the form of regular visits to the dentist for cleanings.

Under normal circumstance, this should be done at least twice per year, although each individual situation may require its own specialized care and maintenance schedule. Here at Thomas Plunkett, DMD, we make sure that each of our patients gets the individualized attention that their oral health requires.

Scheduling a Visit

The first step to getting your next cleaning is as simple as picking up the phone and dialing up one of our helpful staff members to make an appointment. If you simply want to schedule a cleaning we can certainly help with that. However, if you feel that there may be something else of concern and you would like to have it looked at before going on with your cleaning, we would be glad to set that up as well.

What a Basic Cleaning Entails

For the actual cleaning itself, it really is a fairly simple and straightforward process. For patients who don’t have any serious issues that need attention, the main point of a basic cleaning is to remove the tartar, plaque and any other debris which accumulates on the teeth and gums from food, beverages and other means in between visits to the dentist. This procedure will take place after a routine examination to make that there is nothing else that needs to be addressed besides the cleaning.

After the plaque and tartar have been scraped off, the next step will be a brushing with gritty toothpaste. This is usually performed with a high powered electric toothbrush. This will serve to remove any remaining plaque or other debris left behind after the scraping.

After this part, the hygienist will then proceed to give your teeth and gums a thorough and professional flossing experience. Since they are properly trained and experienced, this usually ends up being much more productive than home flossing sessions and can get even the most embedded particles to loosen and break away.

Finally, the quick and easy cleaning session wraps up with a rinse (usually a fluoride solution) to wash away the last of the debris and food or plaque remnants to give you that ultimate, fresh from the dentist feeling that everyone loves.

What Happens When Your Teeth Need Further Attention

In some cases, simple cleanings and routine maintenance are not enough. If a patient is dealing with some kind of inflammation or infection, if they have moderate to extensive decay or damage or if they are dealing with some type of serious periodontal issue, it may be necessary to schedule a scaling and root planing (deep cleaning). This is where much more specialized cleaning techniques are used to target specific areas such as those with heavy plaque buildup, usually at or below the gumline.

To schedule your next cleaning or if you simply want to come in for an exam to see if further care will be needed, please feel free to get in touch with our staff here at Thomas Plunkett, DMD today. Our office can be reached at 863-372-1010.

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Thomas Plunkett, DMD understands the most basic and fundamental aspect of good dental hygiene comes in the form of regular visits to the dentist for dental cleanings.
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