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Porcelain Crown
Lakeland, FL

Diagram of dental crowns with varying placement at Thomas Plunkett, DMD in Lakeland, FLWhen dental problems such as decay, cracks and breaks, missing teeth, and other similar issues need to be corrected, there are more options than most people are aware of. Of the many choices available to patients looking to have oral health conditions such as these corrected, crowns are one of the most effective and highest quality options. Here at Thomas Plunkett, DMD, our doctors have years of experience placing these oral health appliances in our clients.

Traditional Crown Recommendations

There are several uses and functions which crowns are capable of serving. Among them are protecting a weak tooth from further decay and damage. Since crowns serve as a cap over your natural teeth, they seal out all infections and bacteria from them. They also restore integrity and stability to broken or worn teeth. At times they cover an area where there is not much tooth mass left and it needs support.

In addition to all of these functions, they support bridges as well. In fact, they can be used to help correct just about anything having to do with the size, shape, length, color, or stability of one or multiple teeth. These are just a few of the numerous examples of where crowns can provide invaluable dental care solutions.

Patients Who Prioritize Strength and Stability

Made from various materials such as stainless steel, alloys with high platinum, gold or base-metal alloy content, porcelain fused to metal, as well as several others, having not only multiple options for what is best suited for you but also knowing that each of them will add strength to a tooth where the damage may have made that impossible before means that we should be able to find the perfect treatment for you. There are not many alternatives which can offer solutions to such a diverse set of conditions and situations.

A Long Term Solution

Unlike other options which offer solutions to similar types of problems, crowns usually last significant amounts of time longer, especially when properly taken care of. This is done the same way as any other at home oral care routine. Brushing twice a day, rinsing one to two times, as well as flossing at least once per day are all recommended to get the maximum use out of your crown before it is in need of repair or replacement.

How the Procedure Works

This is usually a two-trip visit to our clinic. The first trip is to get the tooth prepared for the coming placement and take the proper measurements to create the perfect model to fabricate the crown from. This will also usually involve x-rays to determine the health of the roots of the teeth, as well as if there is any serious damage or extensive decay in the area which will require attention before proceeding with the crown procedure.

From there, the tooth and surrounding area will be numbed so the tooth can be reshaped to receive the crown comfortably. Once this is finished, impressions will be taken either with a paste or putty, or even with high tech imaging and modeling devices.

If you would like to find out more about whether or not a crown procedure may take care of your current dental situation, we would be glad to help you here at Thomas Plunkett, DMD. Our friendly staff is available at 863-372-1010.

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Here at Thomas Plunkett, DMD, our doctors have years of experience placing porcelain crowns for our clients in need. Call us today to schedule your appointment!
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