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Scaling and Root Planing
Lakeland, FL

A diagram of teeth getting a scaling and root planing procedure at Thomas Plunkett, DMD in Lakeland, FLEvery time we eat, the bacteria inside our food traps itself in our teeth and gums. It then forms plaque and finally turns into tartar if we do not maintain good oral hygiene. At this state, simply brushing our teeth is not enough to clean them, which is where scaling and root planing come into the scene. Here at Thomas Plunkett, DMD, our team of professionals can perform a deep clean of your mouth through this method.

What are Scaling and Root Planing?

We perform a scaling procedure to thoroughly remove the plaque and tartar that reside on your teeth and root surfaces. Unlike brushing, dental scaling cleans not just the teeth, as it also goes to the gumline where usual toothbrushes cannot reach. We may use tools such as ultrasonic scaling devices or manual hand instruments during the procedure. We may prescribe you additional medication afterward, such as antibiotics or a special mouthwash, to prevent any risks of infection.

Root planing, on the other hand, involves detailed and even deeper scaling of the root surface. This process can help to decrease gum tissue inflammation, giving way for them to heal themselves and return to their original state. We can use anesthesia to avoid discomfort during the procedure.

Signs You Must Schedule a Scaling and Root Planing

People who experience frequent pain in their gums, caused by the plaque that turned into tartar, would greatly benefit from getting their teeth deep cleaned. It will eliminate the hardened bacteria that a toothbrush cannot remove and put an end to the pain.

Symptoms of gum disease include large pockets between the gums and teeth, inflammation in the gums, bleeding gums, and bad breath. Certain patients who suffer from gum disease for too long can develop periodontal disease (also known as gum disease), a more severe infection that can cause gum recession and tooth loss. In such cases, deep cleanings may serve as both a preventive method and a treatment procedure.

Results after the Process

Right after the procedure, you may feel your gums hurting a little. Our team will prescribe some pain medication and guide you on how to clean the area to help prevent infection. You may also experience minimal bleeding when eating or brushing your teeth during the first week after your deep cleaning. Your gums will heal afterward, and you will start to notice a reduction in their inflammation.

During your recovery, we do not recommend rinsing your teeth and advise you to gently brush your teeth so your mouth can heal without problems. Depending on your case, we may also suggest you come for a follow-up visit so we can check the current state of your teeth and gums.

If you have loose teeth, inflammation, or bleeding on your gums, you may benefit from a deep cleaning session. Our team at Thomas Plunkett, DMD will help you restore your teeth and gums back to their healthy state. To learn more about scaling and root planing, or to set up an appointment for an exam and cleaning, please do not hesitate to contact us at 863-372-1010 today.

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